Compilation of information for the preparation of the Compensation Registry

Creation of the Compensation Register (Effective remuneration. Matched remuneration)

Professional classification system. groupings

Presentation of remuneration information (Averages and medians. Level of disaggregation of remuneration information. Remuneration concepts)

Registry update

Annual report

Advice on incidents (excludes legal representation in legal proceedings)

of jobs

Analysis of the remuneration situation in the company (analysis of the remuneration record and the valuation of jobs)

→ Analysis of the promotion system or systems

→ Analysis of the selection and hiring system or systems

→ Analysis of the professional classification system

→ Analysis of the training system or systems

→ Analysis of working conditions

→ Analysis of the co-responsible exercise of the rights of personal, family and work life

→ Analysis of female underrepresentation

Remuneration Diagnosis Report

Action plan to correct pay inequalities

Remuneration Audit results report